About Gataca

Gataca is a technology company founded in Boston, MA, at the heart of MIT’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. It started in early 2017 as an academic research study at MIT seeking to solve one of the greatest challenges in the XXI century: the risk of doing business online.

We discovered in decentralized computing architectures an innovative solution that transfers control of private information to the end users. We soon realized that the potential of decentralized identities exceeded privacy protection and promised frictionless onboarding experiences, efficient Know-Your-Customer (KYC) compliance, and drastic reductions in identity-theft rates — so much so that we decided to move from research to execution.

Our core team

Irene Hernandez


Samuel Gómez


Jose San Juan


Sergio Gómez

UI Frontend developer

Lou Anderson

Head of Growth

Our trusted advisors

Luis Molina

CEO and Founder
Founder of MedUX, a world reference for QoE data and prediction in the Telecommunications sector.


Managing Partner
Former General Director of the Treasury at the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, Board member at the EU Research and Investments Bank and CESCE.

Eduardo Aguilar

Trade Expert and State Economist
Former head of the Spanish insurance regulator, Managing Director of BNP Paribas, CFO of CNE (the National Energy Commision) and head of foreign debt in the Spanish Treasury.

Our Partners

What we do

Gataca is a cybersecurity company that provides Self-Sovereign Identity technology to enable 1-click digital onboarding experiences, KYC compliance and data protection. The company helps users take back control over private information and seamlessly authenticate in digital services. For companies, GATACA offers single-sign-on authentication tools to cut the time, manpower and cost currently needed to comply with KYC, while drastically improving the user onboarding experience. The company, that combines the extreme security of government-issued electronic certificates with the simplicity and global reach of a single-sign-on button, aims to build a user-centric digital identity layer for the Internet.

Our vision

Our mission is to foster self-sovereign identity as linchpin of economic growth. Our vision, to build a future where Digital Identities are controlled by their owner, have no frontiers, are accessible to anyone, from everywhere, in the most simple and secure way. Through partnerships with MIT Sloan, MIT ILP, the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, the Decentralized Identity Foundation, the W3C Credentials Community group and Alastria, our team of passionate engineers is now deploying technology to make this vision come true. Our unique technical architecture leverages blockchain technologies to deliver user-controlled digital identity management solutions that empower users to aggregate and control their personal data.

Our Offices

Multinational company with headquarters in Boston, MA (US) and operational teams in Madrid (Spain)